Capturing memories … one family at a time!

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Capturing memories ... one family at a time!


“C” Family

I met this amazing family last weekend! They invited me to their beautiful home and we hung out in their gorgeous back yard for about an hour. I had SO much fun with them and their adorable children … I really, truly did! When I left, their oldest followed me out, jumped up and down and waved after me as I drove away until I could no longer see him in my rear view mirror. How cute is that!

So, to my new friends, I hope you love your photos as much as I do! Here’s to stinky feet and big smiles!

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Baby “D” is 6 months old!!

Babies grow so fast!! This was a really quick shoot since little kids kind of get cranky when one takes too long (or really any time at all sometimes) taking pictures. 🙂  The rain was coming too so we had a short window of opportunity and since we had already postponed due to weather once we really wanted to get this done. I think we got some great shots!


Baby C.J.

Friends and family are having babies! And I love it! Because I get to spend time with these precious little gifts from God! I am so blessed!

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“S” Boys

Here’s another of my faithful returning friends/clients! I’ve been watching these boys grow up since the oldest was under 2 and it’s amazing how quickly they are growing! It feels like yesterday when I was at the hospital just a couple of hours after the youngest’s birth but in reality it has been an entire year! Mom had some really fun ideas for us to play with and I couldn’t have been more willing to indulge her. We got some really great shots! And I had a little extra fun with the processing too so you’ll get to see some of that as well.

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“M” Family

Looks like I’ve been completely neglecting my blog, doesn’t it!  Well, that may be so but I’ve still be shooting. But most of the jobs I’ve had lately haven’t been ones I’m privileged to post. But I’ve got 2 photo shoots to share with you! This first family were the first family I photographed and I’m so thrilled to be able to continue with them! They are terrific friends and those kids are so stinkin’ cute I just want to eat them up! We had a terrific time at our local courthouse shooting these images and I can’t wait for you to see them. So, without further ado ….

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“R” Family

After having to postpone this shoot a few times due to weather and illness (and the first date was scheduled months in advance!) we FINALLY got this done. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and the kids were really happy and well behaved (which was incredible since the normal naps didn’t happen that day!) I had a blast and hope you love your photos as much as I do “R’s!”

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“N” & “K”

I was so blessed that my cousin brought up her good friend & son to have a photo shoot with me! We had so much fun … and it spilled over into the rest of the day too! I look forward to many more shoots with them as little “K” grows older!

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