Capturing memories … one family at a time!


“L” Family

I had a great time with this family! And the kids were so easy!

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Baby “H”

Oh my goodness! This little guy is so stinkin’ cute! I can’t tell you how much he reminds me of his sister. There’s one photo where it looks like he’s playing peek-a-boo and the look on his face is exactly like a look his sister has. It’s amazing!  Anywho … this was a real quick shoot and I didn’t have my usual lights & backdrops set-up but thankfully his room has some pretty great light, and his bedding is perfect too! I think we got some great photos for the quick session we had! I’ll be shooting the whole family in about a week and a half so keep your eye out for those. This is one beautiful family!Inside and out! :o)

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“M” Family

These are really good friends and I had a blast shooting them! Thanks for letting me capture your family guys!

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Little “E”

Oh! My! Goodness!  I think I LOVE 3 month old baby shoots! This was my first and I’m seriously in love with the results!

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Another “B” Family!

This family is so awesome! I’m so happy to have met them and to have had the pleasure to spend some time with them!

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“Baby MW”

Here’s a cute little one!  But the little (or should I say “big”??) guy didn’t want to cooperate in the basket so we did a little quick change and found a Home Depot bucket in the garage. I think we still managed to get some cute pictures!

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Baby “C”

Babies! I LOVE babies! It’s a good thing I do because I have so many friends having them lately! LOL! This little one was all of 5 pounds when he was born and I was blessed to be able to capture his sweetness  at 9 days old! So small and precious! See? …

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